Wow. What a lovely lady first of all. I could feel how genuine she was from her first message. My question got answered super quickly and the answer was very personal and detailed, which if I'm honest I did not expect! Some very personal info to me about my life was revealed and all of it true. It also gave me reassurance in a great period of change in my life. A few surprises too! Would highly recommend Celeste as a genuine and gifted reader. Thank you!-Jo, Dec. 



I loved all my readings. She felt like a close friend. She SAW things about me and loved ones who have passed on. I was satisfied. I was shocked at a few things she told me. Only a real psychic would know those things and I will be back for more readings soon.-Terra


I could give this reading 10 stars if I could! It made me feel released and free, although it was far from "feel good reading".
Celeste was honest in delivering the reality check and I appreciate the no sugar coating, but the strangest thing was how good it made me feel, like a healing session. I will be back definitely!- Zelda, Nov 


She is so dead on about everything. I don't know how she knows the thing she does. I love how Celeste told me the truth and didn't give me false hope regarding a romantic situation nor did she scare me. Very matter of factly yet gentle.-Baotran Jan

​I finished my spell & that was the most powerful energy from a spell that I've ever felt in my life!!!  When I held the cinnamon stick in my left hand & the red jasper in the right, it created such an incredibly strong was so intense!  When looking at the candle, I could see a pink ball of energy & it looked like little spirits were taking turns & "kissing" the flame.  I thoroughly enjoyed performing the ritual & will keep you updated with my results...xx Jennifer-Jan 


As advertised. Has a very interesting, mild scent (Get your Goddess On) and my husband responds positively to it! I didn't use it today and he started a fight. Going to put some more on now! Lol! Good stuff. I believe scents cause chemical reactions in the brain, this one is positive!- Dharma Jan 


Celeste oh my goodness I went out last night and bumped into exactly the first description male - I kept thinking I was dreaming..... Sorry Goodmorning - you are out of this world I can't wait for the next man as - the first is lovely just not a keeper love light and big smiles xxxxxxxxxxxxx I can't believe it-Leanne Jan 


She is amazing and a wonderful person! Her readings have a lot of details. She has an amazing gift and her love has a way of transpiring to you through her readings. I also requested two readings to be refunded due to a mistake in my orders and she did it with out hesitation. Like I said she is spiritually wonderful!-Maria 


I asked about a man I was interested in she gave me direct, honest answer with no sugar coating. Verified exactly what I knew he was like as a person. Pin pointed what I already knew that he was a player. She hit directly on that go see this lady she tells it like it is - Jade 


Hi Celeste
Thank you so much for the awesome reading. You hit everyone right on. I kind of felt the way everything was before confirming it. You are the best!
What a pleasure it has been to get a reading! Thank you.-Diane



Celeste is a true psychic and she truly cares for people. I am not going to get into my personal story, but I will mention one example. She said my daughter has golden locks, which was impossible for her to find online, since I don’t post photos of my kid in social media. My daughter is not bleach blonde, or strawberry blonde, or dirty blonde, she is GOLDen blonde and has curls, and this shows just how exact she is. She really knows the important details of your life and how to warn you of things and what to look out for. I will certainly get more readings from her. Thank you got all that you do Celeste, sending you much love.-Andrea, March 


I did not give much detail to my info so considering what Celeste worked with she did a great job. Not everything is what I wanted to read but she was spot on with what I had been feeling. I'd also like to add I've done 2 readings with her so far. She's real.-Winsome 


Celeste is fantastic. Super friendly. I liked her honesty and she is the real deal. Genuine. Doesn't give you fluff like other people. I will definitely get another reading with Celeste.-Vicki 


This lady has the gift for sure, she is so helpful and kind but straight with you. She gave me insight into my problem and the guided me to how to fix it. She even told me my Guardian Angels name, and this was confirm to me within a day of so. I am forever grateful and thankful for her help.-Marlene 

​Celeste really hit on everything I was feeing and had insight into things that she did not have prior knowledge of. I feel very confident in recommending her to anyone seeking deeper insight into their situation. Thank you Celeste!! -Pia 

​I was drawn to working with Celeste on an issue that had been nagging me for quite some time. Celeste responded with her message to my question before the end of the day. I loved that I had the reading in writing (sometimes oral readings go so quickly I forget what the reader said and the messages that came through.) The way Celeste relays the reading, in nature and animal symbols, is a language that I understand and that keeps unfolding for days because of the signs and guidance I have found that I receive from nature. There was no hemming and hawing in Celeste's response, she got right into what she picked up in response to my issue. And her response helped me to narrow in on a plan to take control of the situation for a solution.- Tamera

​Very fast on the order. Exceedingly gracious and helpful with customer service. As for the reading, it brought some hope to a situation that has been causing me great distress and unhappiness for years, **without** me feeling like I was being told what I wanted to hear. I felt like I was being told the truth as it was being seen. Just have to take the advice and see the next step through. Thank you!- Nicole July 

AS YOU CAN SEE: the testimonials go on and on...after awhile its pointless to post them. There are very few people I feel I cannot make a connection with. You can trust me!