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Look under Services on the menu tab for a more complete explanation. Each question is only fourteen dollars. When you buy anything, including a reading from me, upon checkout, you will be directed to PayPal, no worries!  you do NOT need a paypal account to pay! Upon payment I will send you an email explaining how to best  phrase your question/s for the most accurate answers. I try my hardest to get answers back to you within 24 hours, most likely within hours. I will tell you everything I see, hear and feel during a reading whether it seems like it pertains to the reading or not. Sometimes I get some "extra" info that will only make sense to you. Its all included. I am honest, I do not sugar coat anything and on occasion, you may not hear what you are hoping to. But I assure you, integrity is of highest importance to me.

2 question reading - $28.00
2 question reading
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2 question psychic reading.
1 question psychic reading - $20.00
1 question psychic reading
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