When do you need a psychic reading? Usually when you need confirmation that what you know is true, when your gut instinct needs to be validated. We are all psychic, some of us just have a more developed sense. Its like playing piano, some people are "naturals", they are gifted, it comes easy to them or with little effort, while others have to work at it, learn bit by bit, but everyone CAN play piano. Take the guesswork out of the equation and let an experienced psychic make things easier by answering your questions. I will contact my Guides, your Guides, use crystal divination, read the cards, whatever Spirit tells me is necessary to answer your question. I do not answer medical questions or predict the sex of babies. If you are experiencing medical or psychological issues, please consult a qualified professional. Law requires I list my services as for entertainment only.
I am a very accurate reader. I will tell you everything I experience during a reading, it may or may not make sense to me, but it might to you and you are paying for the reading, so I give you all the information. We live in a free will Universe, your situation could change or you could literally "change your mind" and start behaving and thinking in a different manner which would change the trajectory of the outcome to the answer of your question. I receive my Spirit information on what is going on in your life so far and what the likely outcome is if you don't change anything majorly in your life. To order a reading, go to the menu tab "Store" and select under Psychic Readings, click add to cart. Once purchased, you will be notified as to how to phrase your question for most accurate answer.