People often ask me how I do my readings?  Its a technique I have developed over the years and it serves me well. I shield myself with protective energy and then go into a meditative state focusing on the person asking the question. Oftentimes I don't have a photo (don't need one), so I will focus on their birthdate and the psychic impressions I have picked up from reading their email. Its amazing how the Universe works, I feel like I am plugged into some big computer, some "matrix" if you will. I will start seeing pictures in my mind's eye. They can be something quite mundane, like a cat sitting next to a door, to something quite startling, like a brilliant burst of green light. Over years of practice, I have built up quite a mental inventory of what these all symbolize to me. Its key to know that what symbolizes something to me probably does NOT symbolize the same thing to you. For instance, a cat sitting next to a door to me usually symbolizes a woman trying to figure out a secret, to you, it may just symbolize a cozy, charming character waiting to gain entrance to your life. Since I am the one doing the reading, its only important what the images symbolize to me as I am the one doing the interpreting. Sometimes I will see a scene of a personal interaction, sometimes I hear words being said or will feel a sensation of pain or warmth, for example. Your reading is based on the images and symbols I see, what I feel and what I hear during the time I am meditating on your question. I will tell you everything that occurred during your reading and how I have interpreted it all. Sometimes I will get messages from spirit guides or those who've passed. I cannot control "who" comes forth in a reading, I do not advertise myself as being mediumistic. If someone who's passed comes through, thats wonderful but I cannot "order them up" at will.  Usually within minutes of doing a reading, all the images fade away and I will forget them. Its like trying to remember a dream after awakening. I do not store or save my readings to file anywhere which is why each time you order a reading, I will ask again for your birthdate, which brings to mind the question  if I NEED a birthdate to do a reading. It makes it easier, but NO. If necessary I can still accurately make a connection through just the energy within the email question. Its the difference between beating eggs by hand and using an electric mixer.