Growing up in Minnesota,the land of ice and snow, I learned to embrace the elements at an early age. I learned there is power within the elements, and how to work with them to create magick (with a K as opposed to the pulling the bunny out of the hat kind). I learned how every herb, every plant, every stone has a vibration and which vibrations resonate harmoniously with each other. I learned how to walk between the worlds and trust my intuition , even when my family and other people told me it was all nonsense. In 2019, I manifested my dream of moving to New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Living in this sacred land has only enhanced my abilities.  My psychic readings,( which law demands I label for entertainment purposes only) are accurate and affordably priced. I am as accurate (and probably more so) than many celebrities on TV who charge hundreds of dollars to answer questions or make predictions. .I hope you will open yourself to the magick around you and enjoy your own walk between the worlds.